That headline is serious. It refers to nuclear war prophecied in the Bible. See Zep 3:6 & Isa 24:6. Read more, including when, here.

Several of the main ‘end of the world’ events Jesus prophesied about in Matthew 24 are already happening! The world is transitioning into very perilous times, as prophesied in 2 Timothy 3.

If you already believe the Bible is true, please begin HERE, and then follow the links.

For skeptics, world events SHOULD scare you. If you don’t believe the Bible, and you think we evolved, you’re sadly mistaken…

SKEPTICS should start HERE to read why the theory of evolution is really, REALLY dumb.

If you believe the Bible is mere superstition and myth, you’re in for a big surprise. After you’ve read the evolution article discover why the Bible is true.

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