Because this website has an emphasis on biblical topics, it’s appropriate for me to include a few sermon videos to match. However, I’m no longer a member of any specific denomination, so I’ve chosen from a random selection of speakers from random denominations.

The first speaker, David Clayton, is from Jamaica, and he has his own independent ministry. l met him at a venue here in Australia, near the very green location pictured above.

Although I can easily criticise the degree of understanding all these ministers have, I’ve also benefitted from those I’ve put on this page. I think the following video explains the nature of God a little better, and that’s probably the most important thing there is to understand!

PLEASE NOTE: YouTube allows anybody to post any video on their website (click here for more info.) so anyone I list here has no knowledge that I'm putting it here. Also, by putting a video here, I don't necessarily agree with something else they may say elsewhere!

The next one is from Conrad Vine. I believe he’s president of Adventist Frontier Missions. This sermon is about lessons from the book of Jonah, probably my favourite book in the Bible.

Here’s Tony Evans, also on Jonah. It’s audio only, but I’ve included it here to give you another take on the same story. I think Tony Evans is a Baptist minister. Find other videos from Tony Evans here.

This next one is maybe a little different.
I don’t at all agree with the style of churches Dan Mohler speaks in (I’m not sure, but I think they are some sort of Pentecostal?) – so I almost didn’t post this, but on the other hand, how could I not post it? In fact, after listening to it, you may think this message speaks better than any other!

Because I’ve got sermons here, it seems a good idea to include hymns as well!

So here are a couple to start with.

It’s hard to top Andrea Bocelli, so I’ve included one from him also!