News Updates

Because it’s hard to keep up with the rapid pace of world events I’m selecting what I consider to be the most important links and videos I’ve seen recently, and I’m listing them here.

A film documenting just some of the appalling government and media lies about the so-called Covid vaccine: “Safe and Effective – A Second Opinion”

Two updates on the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage, plus ramifications

According to news reports an unstoppable Russian Kinzhal nuclear-capable hypersonic 2,000 km range missile was the first hypersonic missile to be used in the Ukraine war.
It’s interesting to note that Kinzhal means a dagger in the Russian language, and it says in Revelation 6:4 that the red horse (of war) is given a ‘Great Sword.’ In Greek, according to Strong’s Concordance, the term ‘great sword‘ can also be translated as great (also high, or loud) dagger, in English, or kinsal in Russian!

This may mean little, or perhaps it may be significant?