The following list may make you pause for a moment, before you brush some of these off and continue on with your life. How many of these beliefs are you willing to embrace to the point that they transform your personal world?

1) Evolution is not true, and God is real. See the link, and also read Romans 1:20

2) There is abundant proof that the Bible is true. Also see John 17:17

3) The devil is a liar, and he is the prince of the power of the air. Because the devil controls nearly all education and media, much of everything you believe is a lie. Also see John 8: 44 & Eph 2:2

4) Jesus will return within 10 years. Refer to Gen 6:3 (explained on the page link)

5) The purpose of life is to know God and be part of the God family. Also see John 17:3

6) Christ has extended his authority so that true Christians are able to command miracles and healings in his name, even down to THIS time NOW! True disciples have all things available to them. See John 16:23-24

7) Like Abraham, you can be a literal friend of God and have power over nations. John 15:14-15, Rev 2:26

Those are just some of the subjects I’ve explored on this website. Even for most Christians, some of these beliefs may be hard to fully accept, and make part of your life experience.

Some of these concepts may challenge you. If that’s the case, Psalm 34:8 and 1 Thes 5:21 invite you to go ahead and see if Bible promises will actually work for you or not. Don’t be too quick to cast any of this aside, or judge results too hastily by thinking or saying God’s words are not 100% reliable. See Prov 18:13, Prov 19:2, Prov 29:20 and Eccl 5:2.

This is especially true for Christians… Please give these topics some thought, and don’t be like the foolish virgin’s in Matthew 25:1-13 who were not ready for the wedding, and were unnecessarily shut out.