Nice Timing


Some historical Bible related miracles can actually be proven to have happened. If you doubt this, watch the video about Sodom and Gomorrah here.

However I named this website Nice Timing after experiencing a Bible related miracle of my own!

It’s a while ago now, but back in June 29th. 2005, I had a very odd experience regarding a flood.

I was sitting at my computer reading some online information about the Day of the Lord.

I prayed about the information I was reading, telling God in prayer that it felt as if the few drops of rain I could hear dripping down on my roof were like God’s Holy Spirit dripping down on me, and in my enthusiasm I even told God that the few light showers, that were lasting only a few seconds, REPRESENTED A ‘FLOOD of truth’ that God was giving me regarding the nearness of the Day of the Lord which the apostle John said he saw in vision in Revelation 1:10. (Back then I had a decramastic roof, which means I could easily hear fairly light drops of rain.)

IMMEDIATELY after I said Amen to this rather unusual prayer, CALLING A LIGHT SHOWER OF RAIN A FLOOD, as soon as the words had left my lips, within about one second after I said Amen I was startled when a sudden powerful DELUGE of rain POUNDED onto my roof.

The exact timing for this to happen was AMAZING, but that’s just the beginning of this miracle. This FLASH FLOOD downpour of extremely heavy rain continued unabated without let-up for the next 24 hours exactly.

Here’s the RESULT of my “flood of truth” prayer:

Gold Coast  24 Hour Flood –

June 29th. to June 30th. 2005

Here are photos I took of the Gold Coast Bulletin front page report the next day.

The main photo shows the exceptional sea foam, and the inset photo shows a jet-ski being ridden inland through the flooded bush.

This sudden, super heavy full strength downpour of rain did not let up for even one minute in the next 24 hours. So far as I’m aware it continued without any break for the next 24 hours. One man on the Gold Coast drowned. The flood rain came VERY suddenly, and was not forecast or expected by me or the weather bureau!

It seemed like my prayer had instigated this flood!

The flood rain, which started on June 29, lasted EXACTLY ONE DAY from the time I read online information about the “DAY of the Lord”

Afterwards, the local newspaper front page headline SAID it was a “1 in 1000 year deluge.” This is interesting because 2 Peter 3:8 says one day is like one thousand years to God.

Coincidentally, Biblical, 1000 year DAYS were being discussed extensively on the website I was reading!

So you tell me – Was this flood, that began the instant I declared some light rain to BE a flood, a miracle…

or was it just Nice Timing ?