Let me give you an example of misplaced trust from recent history.

Do you know about Jim Jones People’s Temple cult?

In 1974 Jim Jones ran a busy and thriving church community of devotees within the United States before he transferred it to Guyana, where four years later he persuaded 918 members of the group to all drink cyanide poisoned soft drink and die!

In the beginning that community seemed pretty good. Here’s a direct quote from one of the members after they moved to Guyana. “It was a vibrant community. I would never have imagined that 24 hours later they would all be dead.”

Jim Jones became increasingly paranoid over time. He was a controlling church leader who called all the shots.

He called his church the People’s Temple (a temple is meant to be a place where God dwells)– The big problem with Jim’s temple was that Jim Jones ruled instead of God.

Satan the devil was behind the cult leader Jim Jones when he took his people’s church to Guyana and had them commit mass suicide in Jonestown 43 years ago. Satan was behind it, but God allowed it. I think it was allowed as a lesson to all. The lesson is that corrupt government is the RESULT, when people follow people, instead of God. In fact I believe that’s one of the main lessons God has been teaching this whole world for the last 6000 years.

It’s time for the majority of people to wake up.


Do you trust your church leaders? Do you trust your government? Do you trust in medical science? Do you trust the main stream media?

People trusted Jim Jones.

Today, people trust in their government, they trust in medical health authorities, and they believe whatever else they’ve been taught at school, even if critical thinking disproves it. The Bible says people trust in broken cisterns – Jeremiah 2:13.

A majority of people have faith in modern science to save them from Corona virus using unproven ‘vaccines.’ Could modern science and modern medicines have become their RELIGION? – Is the ‘god’ they trust in, the Chief Health Officer, who has become their high priest?

Are they sold out to the ‘magic arts’ practised by the drug companies?

The Bible says in Revelation 18:23 that “by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.” The word sorceries is translated from the Greek word pharmakeia. It means the use of magic arts by administrating poisons and drugs. Might this apply to the current vaccinations?

I personally think so.

The Bible is saying that at the end of this age ALL NATIONS will trust in “pharmakeia” and be deceived.

Many governments are forcing people to take ‘vaccines’ without offering people INFORMED consent. People are NOT informed, as they are often forced to receive a MYSTERY, without transparency as to exactly what the injections contain.

Governments enforce this using the excuse that it’s for the ‘common good.’ However the common individual has his or her rights trampled on when those responsible are protected from liability and legal responsibility for any and all adverse effects that may arise.

This is highly immoral and unethical.


Not enough people got on lifeboats before the Titanic sank.

Leaving the sinking ship

Yes, I know the theory that they swapped the real Titanic for its sister ship, the Olympic as an insurance scam, but I’m not getting into that conspiracy here, except to say, if so, it’s even more relevant to use for a metaphor of this world, because so many things in this world are also fake.

This whole world is like the Titanic, and It Has ALREADY Begun To SINK.

Here’s Why

It’s because too many people trust corrupt pharmaceutical companies and corrupt governments, and leaders drunk with power, who are mostly paid liars, who DO NOT have your welfare at heart.

Is this true or not true? Follow the money, and decide for yourself.

Those who trust in corrupt governments and Big Pharma are on a SIN-KING ship, with problems that will soon overwhelm them! When you fail to leave a sinking ship that’s going down like the Titanic, you will perish with it.

As the following video shows, looking at history, many passengers failed to leave the sinking ship in time.

We have two choices. We can continue to trust corrupt governments, big pharma, and this worlds systems, or we can follow the advice given in Revelation 18:4.

Rev 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

Coming out of this world means doing your own research, and then following wherever that leads. ,

Not all medical doctors believe the propaganda.

Here’s a warning from one South African doctor who looks at medicine from a Biblical perspective:

Watch any videos from ‘An Old Man In a Chair’ – the most banned doctor in the world…

Here are some more things to ponder. Watch from the 44 minute mark (the link will open in a new window) :

Doing your own research means putting in the time needed, and no longer following blindly whatever the majority may say or do.

When you realise the extant of the covid vaccine injection side effects, which are still ongoing…
you will not disagree with Revelation 22:15 which puts those who promote the vaccines (the sorcerers/Greek word pharmakeia/meaning those who administer poisons) in the same sentence, and on the same level as liars and murderers.
People who didn’t take the vaccine were not ‘vaccine hesitant,’ they were ‘vaccine educated.’ They had learned to think for themselves

Many educated people realise that several of the major vaccine companies persistently and habitually engage in illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribing physicians and suppressing adverse trial results, with concealments bigger than any iceberg the Titanic may have struck!

But I’m not only talking about the vaccine.

According to Matthew 24 and Revelation 6 what comes next is war, famine, disease, and death.

If you take the Revelation 18:4 advice, you will abandon the sinking ship that is this world. Unlike the majority of people, when you think for yourself you will not take the Kool-Aid, and you will do whatever is needed to literally save your life – perhaps physically or perhaps eternally.

As prophecy advances, more and more people will soon be looking for a place of safety from the troubles to come. There is such a place!

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Vaccine side effect update: According to Zero Hedge, March 2023 – more than 26.6 million people injured, 1.36 million disabled, and over 300,000 deaths