Rob Binnion is the owner and author of

He’s married, and has two adult sons. He lives in Southeast Queensland.

Currently, his website is a collection of thoughts (and artwork) about topics that interest him, but with an emphasis on end time Bible prophecy (eschatology), and the TIMING of it.

Plus, sometimes he writes poetry!

Here’s a sample… He wrote this back in 1988 when Australia had it’s bicentenary.


Here’s to the lucky country
Here’s to the land of beers
And all that water under the bridge
Now we’ve come 200 years.

NiceTiming author

As Australians individually
A few of us are sus’
But as a nation on the whole
There are no flies on us!

We have our own flags and anthems
Our own fauna, and our birds
Our dingoes and our yowies
And our drongos, and our nerds.

But, I’m proud to be Australian
Proud of our tall gum trees
And our ever-present bin chooks
Tho’ I come from overseas! ….

(He doesn’t really… He’s actually 100% Australian, although NOT proud of Australia’s lying politicians.)

But wait, there’s more…

Rob has had some great life experiences and opportunities.

This was Rob’s first car.
This was his second.

Although he’s mainly lived in Victoria and Queensland, he’s travelled to Asia as well, and lived in Bangkok for 3 months. He’s owned several cars and houses. But not all life experiences are good. He’s written a page about a few of the rough times here.

On the flip side of the coin, Rob’s also had a few amazing experiences. The most amazing one of all was a miracle, according to most definitions that define what a miracle is.

Read about it here.

(A A Milne Quote)


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