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Rob is married, and has two adult sons. He lives in Southeast Queensland.

This website goes beyond being a collection of his thoughts and artwork. It also delivers a unique perspective on end time Bible prophecy (eschatology), the TIMING of it, and how that’s likely to impact you in the near future.

The following material is divided into two parts: A General Intro, to do with Rob, and then a Prophecy Intro to do with Rob, but also to do with YOU.

General Intro

Although Rob has included some of his poetry here, it’s not dull and dry.

For example, Rob wrote this back in 1988 when Australia had its bicentenary:


Here’s to the lucky country
Here’s to the land of beers
And all that water under the bridge
Now we’ve come 200 years.

As Australians individually
A few of us are sus’
But as a nation on the whole
There are no flies on us!

We have our own flags and anthems
Our own fauna, and our birds
Our dingoes and our yowies
And our drongos, and our nerds.

But, I’m proud to be Australian
Proud of our tall gum trees
And our ever-present bin chooks
Tho’ I come from overseas! ….

(He doesn’t really… Rob is actually 100% Australian, although NOT proud of Australia’s lying politicians.)

There’s more…

Rob has had some great life experiences and opportunities.

This was Rob’s first car.
This was his second.

Rob has owned several cars and houses. He’s mainly lived in Victoria and Queensland. But he’s travelled to Asia as well, and lived in Thailand for 3 months.

This is Rob in Asia.

And here are some shots he took of transportation in Asia.

One of Rob’s hobbies is photography,

and turning photography into art.

Some photos are skill, others are luck. The ancient Greeks considered dolphins to be a sign of good luck. Then again, some people think the number 7 is good luck. In 2019 Rob photographed both items of luck together. Seven dolphins in one wave. He says it was just a lucky shot!

This is one of Rob’s favourite photo-art creations.

Not all life experiences are good. Rob has written a page about a few of the rough times here.

Prophecy Intro

Bible prophecy will one day involve you, because we have now come to the end of this age. The world is about to change dramatically. Very soon, everybody in the world will have their lives disrupted.

This introduction is written for those who give the Bible some credibility, and are curious about why Rob would write about Bible prophecy.

If you doubt the Bible is God’s word, it would be best to first read Rob’s pages disproving evolution, and proving the veracity of the Bible, starting here.

For those wondering about Rob’s religious affiliations, Rob is not a member of any corporate church or organisation, nor does he promote one.

Although Rob has grown in some of his understanding he was a WCG office worker in Australia for ten years, and his association with the the original Worldwide Church, not the current one, dates back to the 1960’s. The WCG was considered a cult by some because of the leadership of Herbert W. Armstrong (July 1892 – Jan 1986).

The following information is not given to promote any particular doctrine, but we all have a background history, and this is Rob’s.

Rob was one of only ‘two witnesses’ (the relevance will be seen later) from the Australian WCG office staff who were present when Herbert Armstrong visited the Premier of QLD, Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen back in 1984.

Sir Joh was the only Australian government official who had a private meeting with Mr Armstrong, when, before his death, Mr Armstrong rivaled the pope in the number of world leaders who were being visited by him. A recording of just one of those meetings can be viewed here: . Numerous government leaders presented Mr. Armstrong with high honor’s and awards, and you can skip to the 20 minute mark to see that happening in this YouTube video also.

Channel 9 TV recorded the event of the Australian meeting, but it was never aired. As for exactly what was discussed, that part of the meeting was held behind closed doors so that nobody could overhear.

Mr Armstrong saw himself as the end-time third Elijah (according to Matthew 17:11 & Mal 4:5), and consequently believed his ministry was prophecied. (Many have written about this, and there is even a 432 page book “The Three Elijah’s” by Alton Billingsley explaining this.)

In his time, Mr Armstrong personally took the ‘Gospel of the Kingdom’ to hundreds of world leaders (as can be seen in the example meeting, linked above).

Rob found it interesting that there were only ‘two witnesses’ from the Australian head office who attended a meeting arranged for the purpose of taking the gospel to the world, because that is also the job of the ‘two witnesses’ in the book of Revelation. (It’s actually the job of every Christian Mat 28:19.)

Then, in 2005 Rob had a spectacular miracle regarding the weather (actually a double miracle, see this page) that linked him more closely to the Revelation 11 two witnesses who, the Bible says, control the weather! Rev 11:6

Rob never claimed to be one of these Biblical figures, but this did cause him to study the subject of the witnesses more deeply (including the coincidental meaning of each of his names **see below) and come to the conclusion that the witnesses may be two church GROUPS, rather than two individual men, although they are symbolized by two men.

Rob writes more about the two groups here.

Rob became more interested in Bible prophecy because, mistakenly or not, he believed he had some personal involvement in what he believed was the fulfillment of Matthew 24:14 “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.”

World events will soon personally involve everyone, as they already have done in the matter of taking vaccines or not. Rob believes that, in future, all people will be compelled to make further choices about government restrictions regarding freedom of conscience, and religious issues.

Please check the menu, and follow the links for more about some of these issues.

Returning to the subject of the church and Herbert Armstrong, it’s interesting to note that at least two Bible prophecies seem to have been fulfilled after Mr Armstrong’s death.

First, read the parable of the fig tree in Luke 13:6-9.

This parable, about producing fruit, shows that God expects those who claim to be His followers to produce fruit, or they will be cut down after four years.

This literally happened to the Worldwide Church of God that Mr Armstrong ‘planted.’

In the parable, four years were given for the tree to produce fruit.

Mr Armstrong died January 1986. Four years after Mr Armstrong’s death, the WCG ‘tree’ was also cut down. The church began to apostatize, and then splinter into dozens of different breakaway groups. The first group that incorporated itself did so in December 1989, four years after Mr Armstrong passed away!

That group continues on, and may be fulfilling another negative prophecy.

In Malachi 1:4 the Bible quotes people saying “we will return and rebuild the ruins but God replies, and says they may rebuild, but I will throw down (or demolish).”

This splinter group has produced a book with the very title of “Raising the Ruins“! They also promote a book called ‘Malachi’s Message’ that they send to other church groups, but Rob wonders, is this passage in Malachi actually a reverse message from Malachi to that group?

Is this an actual prophecy that they will be thrown down in the future?

Rob is not against those who believe differently than he does.

Christ said, in John 10 that he has sheep in other ‘folds’ or groups.

Significantly, in verse 16 it says, at some future time, they will also hear his voice (does this include you?)… and then there will be ONE fold.

(A A Milne Quote)



When it pertains to the Bible, NAMES have meaning. For example, Jacob’s name was changed to Israel, Gen 32:28, also ‘overcomers’ in churches get new names in Rev 3:12.

  • Strangely, each of Rob’s three names, Binnion, Robert, and Bruce, all link to the description of the two witnesses described in Revelation 11:3-12, as follows:
  • The earliest meaning for the surname, Binnion, with various spellings, means Son of Einion. Tracing back to the first mention of this name in history, the book called ‘Tales of the Ancient British Church,’ which can be found free on Google, NAMES only TWO WITNESSES in regard to the death of Britain’s first Christian MARTYR, and one of those witnesses carries the earliest spelling of the surname Binnion! You can see this in a screenshot below.
  • In addition, his first name, Robert, means bright fame or bright glory. 
  • His middle name, Bruce, means from the brushwood, thicket, or willowlands.
  • Coincidentally, the two witnesses in Revelation 11 are described with each of these meanings. (1) They are mainly described as end time prophets, witnesses and martyrs (linking the surname), and (2) trees (linking the middle name) and (3) lights (linking the first name). Some relevant verses are Zec 4:11 and Rev 11:4.
  • See the screenshots for verification.

Scorners and skeptics are welcome to do their thing, as Rob makes no claims about any of this!

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