Hi there, I’m Rob Binnion, the owner and author of this website.

Out of all the people you’ve ever met… I’m certainly one of them!

Currently, this website is a collection of thoughts about topics that interest me. In future, I may refine the focus of the site.

Here are two more things about myself.

I’m Australian made, and sometimes I write poetry!

Here’s a sample. I wrote this back in 1988 when we had our bicentenary.

Photo of Rob Binnion


Here’s to the lucky country
Here’s to the land of beers
And all that water under the bridge
Now we’ve come 200 years.

As Australians individually
A few of us are sus’
But as a nation on the whole
There are no flies on us!

We have our own flags and anthems
Our own fauna, and our birds
Our dingoes and our yowies
And our drongos, and our nerds.

But, I’m proud to be Australian
–Proud of our tall gum trees
–And 200 years of history
Tho I come from overseas! …. (I don’t really)

Copyright Robert B. Binnion