This is the most terrifying message I don’t want to see happen. But at least one Bible timeline researcher believes a nuclear attack on the USA WILL happen this year, in 2024.

Are they correct?

This is not my own dated prophecy. I do not have an exact date. I’m referencing some dates predicted by others, but the events come from the Bible first and foremost.

Zechariah’s prophecy

Let’s look at Zechariah’s prophecy of nuclear missiles to begin with.

In 2001 Michael Rood (A Rood Awakening channel) wrote a book called ‘The Mystery of Iniquity.’ In chapter 9 he describes how, in 2020, he came to understand the true meaning of Zechariah Chapter 5.

Zechariah describes an ICBM. It looked to him like a flying scroll, about 10.5 metres long by 1.7 metres in diameter. See Zech 5:1-2. Nuclear missiles have similar dimensions.

The flying scroll (nuclear missile) enters houses, or nations (the word ‘house’ can refer to a nation eg. Ezek 37:11), and consumes timber and stones, Zech 5:4. (A normal scroll is meant for reading; it’s not nearly that large, and it certainly doesn’t consume timber and stones!) It is described as a curse that goes over the whole land, so it could be that the missiles are sent towards Israel, but it also says the curse is sent towards those who swear falsely in God’s name, which to me sounds like those who print on their money ”in God we trust” which is the official motto of the United States.

In the prophecy there is ‘a woman in a basket,’ (Zec 5:7) but Michael discovered the translation for the word woman, shown here, is more accurately rendered as ‘fire’ or ‘fire offering,’ and the phrase is more accurately translated ‘a fire in a container.’

Zec 5:11 is unclear. Is it saying the missile base being referred to is in either Iraq, or Iran (the land of Shinar)? Shinar ”the country of two rivers” can mean Babylon, but in the end time ‘Babylon‘ may predominantly reference the USA, also a country of two main rivers.

Dan Larimer (more on Dan below) says a better rendering of verse 11 would be “And he said to me, to build a fire in the land of Babylon, and it shall arrive and be thrown down upon the ground.”

Dr. E. W. Bullinger says the number 24 is the number of Divine revelation. Given that Michael Rood unravelled this prophecy 24 years ago in about October 2000, and the destruction of the United States may happen in October 2024 according to Dan Larimer’s prophecy research I’ve mentioned below, which is 24 years later, it’s interesting!

The following is a very brief overview of various other probable references in the Bible to nuclear destruction in the end time.

Joel’s prophecy

Joel 2:3 A fire devoureth before them; and behind them a flame burneth: the land is as the garden of Eden before them, and behind them a desolate wilderness; yea, and nothing shall escape them.

Isaiah’s prophecy

Isaiah 17:14 At evening time, behold, there is terror! Before morning they are NO MORE. Such will be the portion of those who plunder us. And the lot of those who pillage us.

Isaiah 24 – the whole chapter. But at least read Isa 24:6.

Isaiah Chapter 33 “who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings?” is speaking of nuclear fire, not hell fire as some may have supposed.

Jeremiah’s prophecy

Jeremiah 50 and 51. It says four times in these two chapters that Babylon’s destruction comes from the north.** Anciently, so far as I can tell it actually came from the east, but I could be wrong. However, if modern USA is primarily Babylon in prophecy, when you keep going north beyond Canada, you come to Russia.

Relevant nuclear destruction verses may be Jer 50:3, 9, 23, 29, 39, 40, 46. Verse 40 is especially telling.

Chapter 51 gets even more specific.

Jer 51:2, 3, 26, 29, 30, 32, 33, 37, 43, 57, 58, 62.

Daniel’s prophecy

Daniel 9 – last part of verse 26 (BSB) says: The end will come like a flood, and until the end there will be war; desolations have been decreed.

I’ve seemingly pulled this out of context, but it may actually be talking about this year, according to Daniel Larimer (who is the Steemit /BitShares /EOS Blockchain multimillionaire, and can be found on his YouTube: ByteMaster channel).

Dan has an alternate translation of verses 25 and 26. Details are here: It’s a very long study, plus Dan and I don’t necessarily agree about the timing of a rapture, and some other things, but Dan concludes that the prophecy is pointing to around the 9th of October 2024 AD. You can study it for yourself, and draw your own conclusions.


The sign of Jonah appears to have been the two eclipses over the USA that most people have already forgotten. I don’t agree with everything Troy Brewer says (same with Michael Rood and Dan Larimer), but he was one of the YouTube presenters that explained his take on these events recently.


To save me repeating myself, I touch on some of the verses in Amos, where I speculate about the White House being destroyed, here.

Jesus’ prophecy

Revelation comes from Jesus, Rev 1:1.

Rev 6:12-14 describes nuclear war. Also, the whole of Revelation chapter 18 carries the theme that Babylon is fallen. This is clearly a modern Babylon, and it happens by nukes, in one day. Rev 18:8.

Zephaniah’s prophecy

I believe Zep 3:6 is a nuclear prophecy also.

In fact, there are even more Biblical books and places I haven’t yet mentioned, indicating nuclear annilation, and probably world war, as a result of ignoring God’s words.

If by now you’re thinking you need a place of safety, check this page.

Dumb Dogs

Isa 56:10 calls most of todays priests who wear collars that look like dog collars, dumb dogs. They should be warning people of these prophecies, but they refuse to bark.

However, having read this, the responsibility to act on the information is now yours.

You should not ignore this.

This digitally altered image is sourced from the Radio Church of God’s 1956 booklet called “1975 in prophecy.” The Booklet predicted a future world war iii. The church received a lot of criticism when nothing happened in 1975. However, seven is god’s number for finishing or completing things… When the booklet was published, It was simply a little under 70 years ahead of it’s time, and the title, “1975 in prophecy,” may turn out to have Been 49 years before, or 7 x 7 years in advance Of the actual year of fulfillment… On the other hand, nuclear war may still be delayed for a little while longer.

**In most modern English language countries, including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, any hostile attack would also most likely come from the north.