The Bowing King

Have you heard the following joke?
Two men are going door-to-door. They look like they are peddling religion. A lady opens the door. They hand her a pamphlet. She looks at it, and says,
‘This pamphlet is blank.’
They say,
‘We’re atheists!’

So, yes, the above image of Middle Eastern geography, called The Bowing King, IS fanciful, and many people have highly questionable ideas and opinions about the religion that are hard to prove.

But does that do away with all solid evidence proving the Bible IS TRUE?


The problem is, I may prove the Bible is true, but can I change your attitude about it?

The problem of attitude is illustrated well by Michael Rood in the video below. When you watch it, go to the 9 minute mark, and play from there to see this. I can’t say it better myself.

Michael Rood is WRONG on a number of other issues, but NOT This One! I’ve used this video because he tells a good story here. Let truth be your guide, and only truth. It doesn’t matter what other people think, fanciful or otherwise…

Once you believe life was created by God, as proven on my anti-evolution page, you can build on that understanding and come to a much greater knowledge of the truth. Don’t read any further until you have fully studied my chicken article and are fully persuaded in your own mind.

There are really only two choices. Either everything was created and DESIGNED by God, who had NO beginning,or everything came from nothing! Do I really need to tell you that’s impossible? To believe that all things just popped into existence from nothing (or even just a single particle) is just plain stupid. With no God involved, it’s not possible for a single particle to explode into everything, and become the size of the earth and the universe.

It’s 100% illogical, and by the way, also breaks the first Law of Thermodynamics, which says energy can’t be created or destroyed, and the Law of Entropy, which states that all physical things tend toward disorder and decay, not evolution for the better.

Obviously then, original thermodynamic energy came from God, who is not a physical being, and cannot be understood in physical terms, and as already mentioned, had NO BEGINNING. (Psalm 93:2) Your throne has been established since time immemorial; you are king from eternity [ISV], [-from everlasting. [KJV])

These laws were all made by God. The laws themselves didn’t just explode from a single particle either.

More recent scientific research actually admits this. An October 2021 Big Think science article says, in it’s last paragraph: we can no longer speak with any sort of knowledge or confidence as to how — or even whether — the universe itself began.

Now, once you accept the existence of a creator who therefore is God, and realise that He’s a genius beyond imagination, and that His understanding is infinite, the next step is to test the Bible and find out if it is truly inspired by God, and is an accurate record, or not.

There are many different ways to prove the Bible.

Here are a few examples.

Ron Wyatt’s discoveries

Many of Ron’s discoveries stand alone, as PROOF of the Bible. They should have been front-page news worldwide, but the information has been suppressed, twisted, and lied about, and many have been misled over their veracity.

Many of the things Ron discovered, such as how the pyramids were built, are easily proved.

Here’s a short video showing evidence of Pharaoh’s chariots strewn across one particular area of the Red Sea, proving that the Red Sea crossing the Bible describes, did actually happen:

The stories in the Bible are not myths, and Truth IS stranger than fiction.

This next video is long, but if you’re genuine about finding and holding on to provable truth, knowing that it will change your life, you will watch it. If you don’t have time now, bookmark it, and come back later.

Around 4,000 years ago God reigned fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah. The evidence is still there. It consists of right angled buildings and roads. now turned to ash and balls of sulphur!

Although the commentator in the above video greatly misunderstands several things (such as burning forever in hell, which is one of numerous incorrect Catholic doctrines), he does get the main lesson correct! It also includes some spectacular photography of the region.

Additional photos sourced from: and and

Ron Wyatt made many Biblical proof discoveries. They are mostly provable for those who are honest and unbiased . However, the most important is still surrounded by controversy and remains unverified!

Final proof will be given according to God’s timing, not ours.

When it’s proven, the Ark of the Covenant discovery will become a sensation.

This video explains more:

The most sacred object of the Tabernacle – the Ark of the Covenant – was anointed with Jesus’ blood. ***

The movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark” is typical Hollywood misdirection that hides what I believe to be the actual history.

The prophet Jeremiah, a contemporary of Daniel, hid the Ark, very roughly, about 600 years before Jesus’ sacrifice.

Under God’s inspiration, he left the Ark in one of the caves within Jeremiah’s Grotto. God made sure the final hiding place of the ark was located exactly underneath where the future crucifixion of Jesus would occur.

At the crucifixion, when there was an earthquake (Matt 27:51), and the rocks were split (same verse), Jesus’ blood flowed from the cross above, through the crack in the rocks, onto the mercy seat of the Ark of the Covenant!

This also gives greater depth of meaning to Genesis 4:11. Here, the ground opened up to receive Abel’s blood after Cain slew him. When Jesus was speared in the side at the cross (John 19:34) the ground also opened up to receive Jesus’ blood (Matt 27:51), which links the first murder to Jesus’ atonement for it.

For more details on Ron’s discoveries, check out these additional websites: (Kevin Fisher) (Mary Nell Wyatt)  (Val Smith) 
(Darren Sherwell)  (R.T. Tourniaire) (John Larsen) (Todd Fink) (also Rebecca Tourniaire)

And worth reading:
Ark of the Covenant
– the 5 Star reviewed book by Jonathan Gray

I’ve included this information because some will recognise truth in it, while others will remain blind to it.

Another Proof of the Bible

The complexities of the very first verse of the Bible are probably more than you have realised. Watch this to see what I mean.

Genesis 1:1

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

This first verse is talking about a being who existed before everything else we know existed. And the verse itself is beyond human abilities to match. In the Hebrew this verse has seven words that consist of 28 letters. But within that sentence there are at least 30 patterns of seven. Watch the video above for some examples, and also check to verify the Hebrew numbering that is charted.

If you are a sceptic, the challenge is to assign numeric values to the English alphabet and then write any other meaningful sentence that includes 30 patterns of 7 in it. So far, nobody has been able to achieve anything else as clever as what the Bible does in it’s first verse!

New Testament Proof

Did you know that the first ten names of everyone in Genesis Chapter 5 of the Old Testament Bible contain a hidden prophecy about Jesus in the New Testament?

Check out this video for details.

Search YouTube for more detailed videos by Chuck Missler on this.

Although some things are doubtful, don’t let those things close your mind to crystal clear truth staring you directly in the face, begging you to embrace it.

Bible Proof in Fulfilled Prophecy

Prophecies written thousands of years ago have come true in the past, and are continuing to come true right now today!

For example, did you know that 2000 years ago Jesus forecast that we would have worldwide lockdowns just before His return?

Click here for details.



The first reference to “the most holy” place in the Bible explains that the most holy is where they were to keep the ark of the testimony /ark of the covenant (Exo 26:33). It’s my belief the new covenant between God and every true Christian is literally sealed with the blood of Jesus Christ on the mercy seat of the ark.

At least 10 places in the Bible talk about objects being anointed, besides people, including the Ark in Exo 30:26.

Lev 16:14-15, where blood was sprinkled on the mercy seat, was a shadow or type of that which Jesus literally fulfilled on the cross Heb 12:24, as the antitype of all blood sacrifices made up until that moment.