Some things seem to be a mixture of truth and the unknown.

Here’s an example.

Take a look at the map of the Middle East below. Can you see a bowing king with a nail through his hands/wrists where the Suez Canal is? Did you know there is a controversy about whether Jesus had nails hammered through his wrists rather than through his hands?

Is this something that makes you go hmmm, or is it just coincidental nonsense for you?

The bowing king, showing Suez Canal nail location

Some things are really strange, and may or may not be true.

On the other hand, some things are positively true, although just as strange.

Here’s another example. Go to my previously posted article about the chicken and the egg. That article, and the proof in it, blows away the theory of the origin of the species.

It’s clearly the truth.

The only problem is, some people refuse to accept obvious truth.

In this matter the truth is, God does exist. Another truth is, the Bible is a message from God …and guess what? I can prove that also!

As already stated, people did not evolve, and life was created by God. If you are in doubt, study my chicken article about it. Don’t read any further until you’ve done that.

Now, once you accept the existence of God, the next step is to find out if the Bible was also inspired by God, or not.

There are many different ways to prove the Bible.

Here are just a few.

I think one of the most compelling proofs is the remains of Sodom and Gomorrah.

When God rained fire and brimstone on those cities it may have looked something like this:

Today, the buildings look like this:

Here’s a video about it.

The quality is rather grainy, so you may think this is hokey, but when you study the subject in depth you will find that the truth becomes clearer, just as there are many clearer images available of this area. I’m going to leave it to you, to look into further evidence for yourself. A logical place to start is at

 Here’s another way to prove the Bible is true. The first verse of the Bible proves it. There are more aspects to this verse than covered here, but for the sake of brevity, watch this, and then try to write a sentence that does a tenth of what the first verse of the Bible does.

To finish this article, did you know that the first ten names of everyone in Genesis Chapter 5 of the Bible contain a hidden prophecy about Jesus in the New Testament?

They prove the New Testament is true, as well as the Old.

Check out this video for details.

Search YouTube for more detailed videos by Chuck Missler on this.

Truth IS stranger than fiction.

Although some things are doubtful, don’t let those things close your mind to crystal clear truth staring you directly in the face, begging you to embrace it.