Have you ever watched a YouTube video showing a Pentecostal type of healing service, and been appalled by the lack of dignity, and the irreverence shown during the procedures?

Have you gone away shaking your head, and wondering how that type of circus carry-on could possibly be endorsed by God? (It’s not! See 1 Cor 14:33 and 1 Cor 14:40)

On the other hand, could the large number of healings claimed all be fake? Do some people actually get healed?

If so, is divine healing for today, or not?

I’ve had those sorts of questions for many years.

My main question has been, if some of the healings are genuine, why would God work through people that have such woefully incorrect doctrines?

Studying the subject recently, I think I’ve found an answer. It was in a video from Curry Blake… Talking about many of the early healing ministries, Curry explained that although some of their beliefs were not accurate, their faith in God, that God is still a healer today, WAS accurate, and as a result, God met their faith!

If that’s true in some cases, it’s quite amazing.

I think it applies to Curry Blake himself.

On the whole, Curry is very good at sticking to what the Bible actually says, and any doctrines he gets wrong are in most cases overshadowed by his faithfulness to Scripture so far as he understands it.

I don’t feature many ministers here, but Curry gives the best teaching on the subject I’ve found so far.

Most of modern Christianity get it wrong in the way they seek healing.

This first video is an introduction to Curry from Sid Roth’s show. Sid often interviews people with crazy ideas, nevertheless, this is a good place to start.

Going on fom there, if you really want to understand Biblical healing, here’s 11 hour and 41 minute of Curry’s training to watch. DISCLAIMER: This requires spiritual discernment. Do not accept all the teachings here unless you are able to prove each facet true from the Bible.

Again, I do not agree with a number of things Curry says because of his Pentecostal background, but to summarise, I’m setting aside the controversial issues because of the importance of getting the healing doctrine correct, and I’ve put Curry’s video here because I do think Curry’s main teaching on healing is well worth listening to!

You can find many other Curry Blake videos on YouTube.

The Hem of His Garment

In Mark 5:24-34 there is a story about a woman who touched the hem of Jesus garment and was healed.

However, the story of Jesus’ garment follows on in Mark 6:55 and Mark 6:56. Also Matt 14:36.

The detail about the hem of Jesus’ garment is interesting.

Mark’s account says that just touching Jesus healed them, but in Matthew’s account it appears to say they specifically touched his hem. I don’t know which scenario is most accurate. But could there be a reason to touch his hem?

Actually, yes!

An obvious reason is those who were lying on beds would not have had to reach up so far to do it.

However, for those standing, touching his hem physically, would require BOWING DOWN to Jesus, but because Jesus was God in the flesh, and because humans come from the ground and return to it (see Gen 3:19) and because Jesus came from above (John 8:23) , SYMBOLICALLY, they would have been REACHING UP to touch Jesus’ hem.

In Numbers 15:38-41 there is a command to put a blue ribbon on the hem of garments. Jesus’ garment would have had a hem with a blue ribbon in it. It is said that the blue symbolised the sky, but the Bible indicates touching the blue ribbon symbolised touching all righteousness, which Jesus fulfilled.

There is one more interesting thing about the hem.

Mal 4:2 says ‘But unto you that fear (i.e. give worship to/respect) my name, shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his WINGS.

The word WINGS is Strong’s H3670 and means an edge/extremity/border/corner/uttermost part.

In a garment, the edge means the hem. Jesus had healing on the wings, or edges of his garment.

Touching the hem fulfilled prophecy… There is a 2,000 year time gap since Jesus came to earth, and we are living on the EDGE/FRINGE/HEM of prophesied TIME, but healing is still available to us today because, according to that prophecy, Jesus HAS arisen with healing in his wings.

It’s one more of many promises for healing that you can claim.

It may be as simple as this:

“I am bowing down to Jesus. Now, by touching this screen I am also reaching up to touch the hem of his garment, and I am set free. I am healed now. In Jesus name. So be it.”


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