intolerance noun
unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behaviour that differ from one’s own.

The above dictionary definition sounds really, really bad, doesn’t it? In fact, I can’t remember ever having read anything good about intolerance.

But I think it can be a good thing, and here’s why.

God has blessed me with a car that runs on diesel. It delivers more power than a petrol engine of the same size, and it’s quite economical.

If I were to put petrol in it, the result would be quite bad.

That’s because my car is intolerant of petrol.

It doesn’t run on LPG, water, or lemonade either. It simply wasn’t designed for it.

So, I’m fussy about using only diesel.

It’s a CAR, not a blender!

Therefore when God says Don’t do something… I don’t!

The same goes for other things in my life. I figure that God, my Creator, knows how humans are meant to function.

At least I try…

I try not to put junk food into my body.

I try not to think junk thoughts either, and I’m also fussy about lots of other decisions I make.

Plus I’m quite intolerant towards pagan practices and ideas because they dishonor God and are harmful to my well-being.

Does that make me unloving?

Well NO… It’s the pagan practices, or the pagan politics, that I don’t love. But I can still love the people who are the victims of the deception they embrace.

In Exodus 32:8, & 9-10 God was angry with the children of Israel when they made a golden calf for an idol to worship. But Moses pleaded for the people in Exo 32:11 and God accepted his pleas, and didn’t wipe them all out – Exo 32:14.

You might say God was intolerant, but God IS also love, 1 John 4:8.

Some Old Testament Bible stories are challenging to understand. But many quite reasonable Bible concepts are increasingly labeled as hate speech by people who themselves hate God’s authority.

The premise that the Bible carries no authority also shows a huge lack of understanding. There is ample evidence to respect what the Bible teaches.

Part of the lack of understanding is when we are told that we should tolerate perversion in order to show love. That’s an amazingly ignorant belief.

It’s like saying I should tolerate putting dirt in my cars fuel tank, and expect it to keep running.

Our society tolerates perversion more and more, and then people wonder why things aren’t going well. But the answer should be obvious. We can maintain standards and still have love. 1 Cor 13:6-7 is about rejoicing in the truth, with love. It combines both concepts.

Here are a few more Bible verses to finish with…

Psalm 97:10,

Amos 5:15,

Romans 1:18

1 John 4:5,

1 John 4:6-7.

Original cartoon: Don Addis