Can we calculate the specific year that Christ will return on? Maybe, however the conclusions expressed are subject to change and I’m updating this whenever I think it needs amending!

In a nutshell, the details below reexamine a prophecy in the book of Daniel, that reveals new information that:

1) Shows the correct year of Jesus’ crucifixion.

2) Calculates to the SECOND rebuilding of the walls in Jerusalem. (It was prophecied over 2000 years ago, and it comes to the exact year it was rebuilt, LESS than 500 years ago!)

3) Calculates the most likely year for the SECOND COMING of Christ – just a few years from now.

The Jubilee Count

Some may not realise it, but the Biblical Jubilee pictures the coming reign of Christ, when men are set free from Satan’s bondage. It’s introduced in Leviticus, with various instructions about keeping it. Eg. Lev 25:10.

God’s true Jubilee count occurs every 49 years, see Lev 25:8, not every 50 years, as I and many others have thought in the past.

Each count is a total of 7 times 7, which comes to 49. The fiftieth year occurs on the first year of the NEXT 49 year count.

It’s like saying Sunday is on the eighth day of a 7 day week, but we still count weeks consecutively in 7’s.

60 Jubilees – 1st Prophecy

Daniel 9:25,26 has been translated very poorly.

The numbers in the original Hebrew text include 7, 7×10, 7×7, 60, and 2, but 2 here means a SECOND time, or a second block of 7’s.

I’m not a Hebrew scholar, and you’re welcome to research it yourself. This is the Interlinear for verse 25 (read words in red from right side to left side) :

Notice it says again, and two, which could mean repeat, a second time.

Apparently, a better paraphrase of Dan 9:25 would go something like:

“Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and rebuild Jerusalem, unto Messiah the Prince, shall be 7 times 70 weeks (or ten jubilees – that is, 490 years). Then later, on the 60th Jubilee, add a second group of 7 (another 490 year block). The street shall be built AGAIN, and the wall (wall or walls, not moat, as in some translations [Youngs Literal says rampart, which means defensive wall]), even in troublous times.”

Add 490 years to the year of the Decree that was given by Artaxerses, in 457 BC, and we get 33 AD, or it could be 32 AD. That’s because Biblical Jubilee years don’t start or end the same time as ours. They begin on Atonement – See Lev 25:8,9 and 10 and 13. This is very confusing to me, as Exodus 12:2 says the year starts around Passover season.

However, the next verse, Dan 9:26 may be saying that Messiah is cut off in the middle of a 7. If I subtract half a week, it is half of the last 7 years, and so, if the above count was correct for 32 AD, that would require subtracting 4 from 32, making 28 AD, which fits this interpretation of the prophecy exactly!

Several of my other research sources, such as the website also estimate that the crucifixion was in 28 AD. It’s backed up by adding 30 to the time of Jesus birth about 4 BC. There are many references to the year of birth, but I’ll just use this wikipedia reference.

Add 30 because that’s the age Jesus started his ministry, see Luke 3:23.

4 BC + 30 = 26 AD, then subtract 1 equals about 25 AD. That calculates to the start of Jesus’ ministry. Then add 3 and a half, and you have the crucifixion date of 28 AD.

Some people argue that Jesus only had a 70 week ministry, not 3 1/2 years. If that’s correct, the crucifixion date still remains at 28 AD, so far as I can tell, weighing up lots of information from many sources. Therefore I won’t dwell more on the calculations for Jesus first coming, because you don’t actually need those dates to calculate the approximate date of the second coming. Let’s focus on the calculation for second coming, which calculates to 2028, only four years from now!

The Exact Year?

There’s a countdown clock on the 2028end website. I’m not confident about which day, but let’s continue with Daniel 9.29

Daniel 9:25 is actually saying that on the 60th Jubilee of the crossing of the Jordan in 1406 BC there will be a second decree to rebuild Jerusalem.

Multiply 49 (the length of a Jubilee period) by 60 and add it to 1406 BC when Israel crossed the Jordan into the Promised Land. Also SUBTRACT 1 to account for no year 0.

(The 1406 BC Jordan crossing Jubilee is found in these two offsite links: The Apocryphon of Joshua, Fragment 12 and The Israelites cross the River Jordan – The Bible Journey)

The rebuilding calculation comes to 1536 AD, but may also be 1537 AD, to be the year that rebuilding the walls started. Because a new Jubilee year starts in September or October, if it was after the new year in 1536, then we do have a perfect match for 1537.

That prophecy was fulfilled by “Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent!” who was the ruler of the Ottoman empire at that time.

Reference #1 here. The command was given in 1535 AD. Ref. #2 wikipedia date reference here. Was it given before or after October, and does the command matter, or is it the years for building that matter?

The second building of the wall by Suleiman is mentioned after the 36 minute mark, in passing, in the video below. I’m posting it only to illustrate the specific point I’m making.

The fact that there is an exact match in history for a second command to rebuild Jerusalem and it’s walls, in (it looks like) the exact year predicted in Daniel, strongly argues for the accuracy of this better translation of Daniel 9:25.

The prophecy says to count a second set of 490 years from the 60th Jubilee rebuilding date, and because we got an exact Jubilee match at 1537, we need to count another 490 years to 2027. The Jubilee comes the following year, after the consecutive 49 year counts.

1537 + 490 = 2027 + 1 = 2028

Looking at the prophecy this way, you find an exact match for (1) the crucifixion year, (2) the building of the second wall in 1537, and (3) the return of Jesus exactly 2,000 years after he left.

(I think counting from 1537 is correct. But could you count from the completion of rebuilding, 3 or 4 years later, as referenced in Wikipedia? That could take you to 2030, or 2031.)

Anther Prophecy – Babylon’s Punishment

In Jeremiah 25:12 it says Babylon is to be punished after 70 years, and everybody links this to the previous verse, in Jer 25:11,

I believe this is a dual prophecy, and the second part refers to Mystery Babylon (see Rev 17:5). The word ‘years‘ in Jer 25:12 simply means a division of time, not always single years. Often the division of time is in years, but the division of time in Jer 25:12 is quite possibly referencing Jubilee divisions of time!

How do I know?

The land was prophecied to be an everlasting waste. Has this fully happened yet? Maybe, but it’s debatable. Hillah, in Iraq, is a modern city of half a million people, and it’s only 11 kilometres away.

My main reason for believing this, is that the timing matches the Daniel 9 prophecy. Let’s calculate when ‘Babylon’ is to be punished, using 70 Jubilee divisions of time (usually translated as 70 years).

After 70 Jubilee Years

Jubilee years are counted starting from when Israel entered the promised land, crossing the Jordan in 1406 BC. Lev 25:1-12. (Again, you can get proof of this date elsewhere.) Which year does counting forward seventy 49 year blocks (as per Jer 25:12) from 1406 BC take us to?

70 x 49 = 3430 years. We must remember to subtract 1 to compensate for there being no year zero. Then I’m adding 1, because the Jubilee itself occurs on years following 49, so we arrive back at adding 3430 to negative 1406 (BC).

Answer: Counting this way, from start to finish, ends in the year 2024 AD, however, I still may have to add 1 again, as I don’t know if the event actually occurs on the year after or not, because the Hebrew calendar may begin the new year in October on Atonement 2024.

Six places in Revelation refer to the end time Babylon in symbolic terms, eg. Rev 17:5, & Rev 18:21. This mystery Babylon can primarily be identified as the USA, or, it may be a well known church! A number of books on this subject provide more details, claiming it’s the USA. The USA is a rich nation. Read Rev 18:11-13. Merchants trade with Babylon by ships. Read Rev 18:17,19. There’s more, but that’s also going down a rabbit trail, so I won’t get into it.

Suffice it to say, when the Bible prophesies about the fall of Babylon in the last days, it’s not really referring to the nation of Iraq. Mystery Babylon may be the USA, or it may include the whole world and it’s political and religious systems that go into tribulation.

The time frame fits into Isa 61:2 which indicates God’s vengeance comes at this Jubilee time period right after Isa 61:1.

Jesus quoted the first half of this in Luke 4:16-20, but he stopped half way through verse 2 before reading ‘the day of vengeance.’

Also, notice Isaiah 61:3 follows immediately after Isa 61:2, and it talks about beauty for ashes. Do the ashes come from a nuclear war?

Both Prophecies, and a Spiritual Entrance

Jubilee years started with a physical entrance into the promised land.

70 Jubilees later brings us to the final period of the Jubilee count, and perhaps when all the 49 year counts are complete (after 7x7x70), we may make a spiritual entrance into our promised land. (Go here for more multiplying by 7 examples.)

I still have more details to clarify. But Revelation 10:7, ‘when the mystery of God should be finished,‘ surely includes the punishment of Mystery Babylon and Jesus’ return very soon.

If you’ve followed me through all this, you may be wondering how there can be two different end dates, both based on the Jubilee counting method.

They may both be correct!

My guestimate – and it’s only a guess, and may be totally wrong, is that October 2024 is a possible month for wars to intensify, and bombs to drop. Seven months later (another 7) in April 2025 the two witnesses may begin a three and a half year countdown (Rev 11:3), and then, September 2028 is a possible date for Christ to return… This is only a guess that I’m making now, months away. It could come and go, with nothing happening. — On the other hand, the timing shows we are somewhere close to the verge of fulfillment for all end time Bible prophecies, and perhaps they may be fulfilled sooner than we think!


This video from the Redacted YouTube channel confirms the current situation.